Challenges While Gardening Indoors!

Indoor gardening becomes a great alternative when people lack gardening space to cultivate their crops. Either you decide to grow hydroponically or in containers & troughs, growing indoors is always amazing. It can even yield bigger produce and healthier crops than you can get from a traditional garden. But planting indoors involves some challenges that can deter crops from growing well. Study these obstacles that can pop up in your way and try to remove them as you plant indoors:

Indoor Gardening Challenges

  • A large irrigation system is utilized for crops grown outdoors while with gardening indoors, the story is other way round. You are either growing in hydroponic systems or in pots which cannot be watered this way. Also, crops grown outside are less likely to rot in case of over-watering because soil acts as a drainage system for them. Even when you underwater, condition of crops don’t deteriorate as soil holds water in it and delivers it to plants whenever there is a scarcity. But indoor crops whether grown hydroponically or in soil allow very less margin for error. These plants have to be ensured that they are not receiving water less or in excess.
  • Environmental upgrades must be made to indoor gardening as required. This is because you are only responsible for creating an ideal atmosphere for your indoor garden that need to be updated as plant’s needs change with time.
  • Unlike outdoor crops, indoor crops won’t be getting natural light to initiate photosynthesis. Instead, you would be giving artificial lighting to help them thrive. And when it comes to lighting, fluorescent lights or table lamps won’t work because these lights lack the full spectrum needed to carry out photosynthesis. So, to give your indoor crops the right lighting, you will need full-spectrum florescent bulbs or high-density grow lights.
  • If you are growing outdoors and using high-quality soil, it will satisfy all the nutrient needs of your plants. But if you are growing your crops indoors in hydroponic way, you need special nutrient solution to meet the nutrient requirements of those plants. To let your plants thrive successfully, consider feeding them with Olivia’s Growing Solution.
  • When you are gardening outside, any odor produced there quickly dissipates in open air while indoors, this problem can become worse. If you are not using sterile hydroponic equipment and also not keeping your indoor growing place tidy, this will only cause germs which will give bad odor.
  • The crops growing inside won’t be getting natural air like outdoor plants so it’s required to arrange fans to provide adequate ventilation. If you are growing hydroponically, you will need air pumps to provide air movement inside the reservoir.
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