Easy to Grow Mosquito-Repellent Plants!

Controlling mosquitoes is one of the hardest tasks to deal with. Moreover with the arrival of the outdoor season, this problem worsens. Whether you are relaxing in your garden or near a pool; nothing irritates more than a frustrating mosquito buzzing around. Chemical sprays are one of the general solutions people usually go for but they aren’t safe. Well there are some natural mosquito repellent plants that can be easily grown to keep those dreaded species at bay. Here is a list of 5 of them; grow these plants in your home garden and enjoy a less buggy season:

Mosquito Repelling Plants

Marigolds: Marigold flower is a natural mosquito repellant which proves out to be very effective. It not only adds a bright dash of color to the garden area but its strong aroma help in resisting mosquitoes too. Marigolds contain a compound – Pyrethrum that produces distinct smell, which those bloodsuckers find offensive.
Grow marigolds in fertile soil and full sun. Prefer to keep them across the border of the garden area or near entrance to your house. Applying the crushed petals of marigold plants to the body parts will also prevent you from mosquito bites.

Look for the French or African species as they are found to be most effective.

Citronella Grass: This is one of the best mosquito repelling plants which help in tackling with these bugs with its powerful lemony scent. It is the main source of many commercial repellents and repellent lanterns, torches or candles.
The plant grows as a ‘clumping’ grass which reaches a height of 5-6 feet. Well-drained soil and full sun are prerequisites of growing citronella grass successfully.

If the planting area is a garden or patio, grow this grass behind small shrubs & flowers. Otherwise plant along seating areas or walkways. Better is to grow them in pots which can be brought indoors as the plant is sensitive to cold temperatures.
Consider the true varieties Citronella Winterianus or Cybopogon Nardus while purchasing the starters of this mosquito repellent plant.

Beebalm: Also famous as horsemint or Oswego tea; this natural bug repellent produces intense incense-like odor that keeps pesky mosquitos away. The scent produced by the plants is said to confuse these inch-inducing insects by masking other scents thus preventing them to reach the host. This plant reaches a height of 2-3 feet and requires dry sandy soil for propagation. Moreover it is drought resistant and fast growing.

Follow garden pest control and treatment for getting rid of various garden pests.

Catnip: Besides an old medicinal herb, this plant also has mosquito-repelling ability. Although cats are huge fans of these plants but for those annoying bugs; they are community murderer. They are also found to be 10 times more powerful than DEET containing repellents.

As Catnip is a cat’s favorite, so cat owners should consider growing another repelling plant.
One can also use catnip oil for protection against those bite-happy bugs.

Ageratum: This ornamental plant is another effective bug repent that emits distinctive smell mosquitoes hate thus keeping them at bay. Ageratum is one of those plant species that don’t require rich soil. This low-lying annual plant is easily recognizable by its blue-colored flowers (also found with violet, white and pink flowers).

Any kind of soil works well for these plants so they grow without any difficulty.

Despite there are many insect repellent plants that keep mosquitoes away, the ones mentioned above are easy-to-grow. Get start with any plant; no matter what you grow; it will prove to be beneficial and effective.

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